Welcoming your new employees

This is our first guest-post on our blog, and we are honoured to have Leona Wilson of Armillary Business Group contribute this article on welcoming new employees.


Have you ever gone to a social event, walked in and then realized you didn’t know anyone? Are you at the right place? Will anyone speak to you? Will you be left alone with a drink in your hand looking for someone….anyone to connect with? You start to second guess yourself. Why am I here?

That is the welcoming experience many people receive when they start their new job. All the time you spent finding this person to help you build your business just went poof!

So why does orientation matter? It helps  your team member validate the decision they made to come and join you. Starting a new position is a risk for both of you but more so for them. They left another position or they are just happy to have this opportunity to work with you. Keep in mind they have been out looking for a great opportunity. Flight risk if a better…friendlier offer comes along is really, really high at this time.

Welcoming handshakeAn effective orientation is a welcome they will not forget. It will help keep the anticipation and excitement high. Have you heard the quote: “Begin as you mean to go on?”

If the person reports to you then you be there on the first day to show them around and help them get to work. Show them how organized and well run your operations are by being fully prepared for them.

Set up a list of all the things they need to know, people they need to meet and tools they need to get busy. Talk to them about how long it will take to get fully up and running. They know what they are doing but they don’t know your way of doing things. This is what orientation is all about.

Generally the process will take at least a week if not longer. It really depends on how complex the position is.

How to make a bad impression:

  • Not being there when person arrives
  • Desk, phone, and laptop not ready.
  • Forgetting to tell staff ahead of time.
  • Not showing the person around the office. The coffee is here and the bathroom is there.
  • Not introducing them to the team.
  • Leaving the person alone on their first day for lunch.
  • Not explaining when pay day is.
  • Not showing where the Health & Safety bulletin board is or the First Aid kit.

We haven’t even touched on your legal obligations to provide training. There are a minimum of three!

Planning for a warm and effective start to the working relationship is easier than you think. Plan to protect your investment in staff. Give them a welcome they will never forget.


Leona Wilson, CHRP, CEBS, CMS is President of Armillary Business Group Corp., an HR consultancy that focuses on helping entrepreneurs build their business with effective human resources practices. She can be reached at 905.609.5273 or leona@armillarybusinessgroup.com


This is the first in a series of posts on an often-overlooked business process: onboarding new employees.  If you think taking a new employee around the office introducing them to other employees is onboarding, you’re missing out on an opportunity to get rapid payback on your investment in your new employee.  Stay tuned and we’ll show you how.

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