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Check out this page regularly because we’re constantly publishing new white papers.  Usually, the source material will be collected from posts in our blog, but we also will add in bonus material to have a more complete discussion about a topic.

Business Cards: Make a Strong First Impression

Business Cards White Paper for DownloadBusiness cards are an important business tool.  For individuals – especially job seekers – a good business card is vital for effective networking.

This white paper provides guidelines on elements of good business card design and content.

Parting Company

Parting Company White Paper Cover PageThis white  paper discusses the process of an employee leaving a company.

The first sections describe a professional process for terminating employees.  The focus is on the interpersonal impact of terminating employees. While Donald Trump makes it look easy with his “You’re Fired!” slogan, this paper underscores the importance of proper preparation for and execution of a dismissal.  

The last section describes how make a graceful exit when resigning a position,  There’s much more to it than just, “I quit!”

10 Things to Expect from an Executive Recruiter

10 Things to Expect from an Executive RecruiterIf you’ve never worked with an executive recruiter, this white paper describes how reputable recruiters work.

  • Confidentiality.
  • Fees.  
  • Performance Guarantees.  
  • Off limits policies.

All of these – and more – are covered in this free white paper.

OnBoarding: Getting New Employees Up to Speed

OnBoarding White PaperOften overlooked by many companies, OnBoarding of new employees has a profound impact on profitability and customer satisfaction.

We’ll show you how a good onboarding program can help you realize a payback on your investment in a new employee in a very short time.

Coming Soon! 

Our next white paper will discuss Employee Engagement