New Mandatory Health and Safety Awareness Training

by Karen Tulk




Ontario Employers: Are you compliant with the new regulatory requirements for mandatory worker and supervisor awareness training? 
 On July 1, 2014 the Ministry of Labour (MOL) introduced legislation requiring all Ontario workers and supervisors to complete Health and Safety Awareness training.  If you or your employees have not yet completed the certification, you are currently not in compliance with Regulation 297/13.  This training is mandatory for everyone defined as a “worker” under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and applies to all workplaces covered under the OHSA, regardless of workplace size or sector.
 Implementing this training need not be a burden for small to medium sized employers.  The Ministry of Labour has developed workbooks and e-learning modules which are available free of charge and can be used to comply with the new requirements.  The online basic awareness training is designed to be delivered in approximately one hour and a “Proof of Completion” certificate is earned once the module is complete.  
 Print materials are available via ServiceOntario and the MOL website and delivered in several languages in addition to English and French.