Getting back online

On Sunday, November 30th our website was hacked by an unknown attacker and all our content was deleted.

We recognize that, as executive recruiters, we are in a role whereby we have access to personal details and data.  To respect  and protect the privacy of our candidates and associates, it has been our policy not to include personal details in our website, but rather post information under generic alphanumeric codes.  As a result, the hacking of our website did not allow any personal information to be released.

Fortunately, we have backups for all our web pages, so we are now in the process of restoring our site. As we do so, we’re also taking the opportunity to improve navigation across the site to make it easier for visitors to get to what they’re looking for faster than before.

Over the course of the next week, we’ll be re-posting our old blog posts as well as restoring the archive of newsletter articles.  Once we’ve done that, we’ll return to our editorial calendar and resume the series of posts on onboarding new employees.

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