Executive Outplacement Programs

We strongly believe that outplacement programs should be customized according to each individual’s needs so we have designed our outplacement service on a modular basis to allow flexibility in terms of cost for the employer and benefits to the employee.

Our Outplacement Programs are typically administered offsite, but we can bring the program onsite at a reduced cost for employers who have several employees who are leaving the organization.

Resume review

Resume Writing

This module helps candidates get started on composing their resumes. We cover the different types of resume and how and when they can be used and introduce them to the different components that make up the structure of an executive resume. Candidates learn about keyword strategies to help resumes get through Applicant Tracking System (ATS) screening by employers. Candidates learn some basic do’s and don’ts about resumes.



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Social Media Training

This module introduces candidates to integrating the use of social media into their job search strategy.  Primary focus is on the following social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, ZoomInfo,  and Twitter, though the principles can be applied to other social platforms as well.  We show them how to use HootSuite and Buffer to facilitate sharing of articles to social groups.

We introduce them to blogging on WordPress as a way of developing thought leadership. Candidates are shown how to develop a content strategy and to plan out their posts using an editorial calendar.


Networking Skills

Nearly 80% of jobs are found through networking, so networking is one of the most important skills to develop – especially during career transition.  We introduce employees to information interviews, marketing letters, how to network at conferences and trade shows.  We give an overview of personal branding and how to express that effectively through networking cards.  Employees are shown how to see how large their network is and the different types of people they should be networking with.




During our initial meetings with both client and employee, we will identify any areas of weakness that could benefit from some form of assessment.  If there is agreement on certain issues, we will identify appropriate assessment instruments, all of which will be administered and interpreted by certified practitioners who are affiliated with us.  Fees vary by assessment instrument, so we will provide a proposal to recommend the program and costs before proceeding.


For some employees – especially those who are late in their careers – self employment can be a viable option, whether it be consulting, starting up a business or franchises.  We provide an overview of the different models available and the advantages and disadvantages of each on. Employees are taken through the basic process of setting up any kind of business as how to market their skills.  The content may still be relevant to employees who want to remain in the convention employment model because it introduces them to functional areas they may not have had prior exposure during their careers.



In the context of Outplacement, our coaching service is designed to help guide the employee through the job search process.  Coaching sessions are primarily intended to introduce an element of accountability on the part of the employee.  We use our proprietary JobSearch GPS™ tool as both a monitoring and diagnostic tool to identify areas of strength as well as areas in need of improvement.

Interviewing Skills

 Interviewing is often overlooked by job seekers as a skill that needs development. interviewing techniques and processes are much more sophisticated than they used to be and awareness of how to handle oneself in these different interview situations makes the difference between being weeded out and moving on in the recruiting process.

Our interviewing skills workshop is a natural outgrowth of our candidate preparation that we do prior to interviews.  We discuss the different types of interview questions to expect and how to structure answers to these.  We identify question types that are typically used for weeding out candidates and developing strategies for responding to these. Depending on group size, we will include mock interviews to help identify non-verbal behaviours that detract from performance during interviews.

Outplacement counsellor assisting employee