Outplacement Services

Employee Outplacement ServicesWhen a plant has to shut down or a business restructured, it is more than just an economic decision: there is a strong people component. It’s a difficult decision to decide who should be laid off, especially when dealing with long-term, loyal employees.

Restructurings create unrest among employees.  Assuming there has been a history of good employee relations, these organizational changes are anticipated long before they take place.  The internal rumour mills work overtime.  Employees are uncertain when the restructuring will take place.   They’re concerned about their employment.

Under such circumstances, some of the best employees can leave of their own volition by finding another position at another company – possibly a competitor.  For other employees, water-cooler conversations about the potential restructuring can impair morale and productivity as employees speculate about something over which they have no control.

Offering displaced employees outplacement services can assist you in 5 ways.

  1. First, it shows you are an employee-centric company to work for, and this can help in terms of retention of personnel after restructuring takes place.
  2. Secondly, it can help avoid costly lawsuits that divert attention away from running the business.
  3. It allows employees to leave your organization with their dignity intact, because they perceive themselves as being treated fairly and with respect.
  4. Your corporate image also benefits.  Companies who are employee-centric attract the best people.  Just look at the Top 100 companies to work for in Canada (or any other country).
  5. Smooth transitions. It helps encourage your best people to work with you through the transitionary process to ensure a smooth hand-off to your new team.

 HIRE GRAY MATTER offers two levels of outplacement service.

 We can create a customized program for individuals.  This is usually for managerial and executive employees.  We help them with resume writing, networking and interviewing skills, researching prospective employers to help them find new employment quickly.  Sometimes assessments can help them identify weaknesses in their hard or soft skills that can be addressed through training or coaching.

 We also can provide on-site job search workshops for employees to help them develop better job search skills such as resume writing, networking and interviewing. When the departing employees have many years of service, they simply do not have the skills required in today’s job market to find new employment and our workshops help them acquire these skills.

 Our on-site offering is ideal for plant closures or when a restructuring will lead to mass terminations.

 When it comes time for employees to leave your organization, they’ll do so with a feeling that they were treated fairly and with compassion – and there’s a good chance they will refer others to you.