Interim Executives

Life is full of curves.

Ø Your CFO has a major illness that requires him to be off for an indeterminate time for treatment.

Ø  Your Plant Manager is pregnant and will be off for maternity leave.

Ø  There’s a new product you really need to launch, but you don’t have the bench strength to lead it.

These are typical scenarios in which you need an experienced person to take over, but can’t make a commitment to a full-time hire.

Our slate of associates has expertise in their chosen fields of work, that often is proven by replicating their success working across several industry sectors.

They know their stuff and are ready to go on short notice.  Many have been doing this for years, so they’re accustomed to being dropped into a situation.

In smaller businesses, having people leading each of the major functions is often a nice-to-have.  Usually people have to wear several hats, often stepping beyond the discipline in which they trained. 

Interim CFO leading budget meetingThis is where Interim Executives can be a solution.  

Consider using one of our associates on a fixed-term engagement or part-time basis to obtain the leadership you need in a department, but within a realistic budget. If you have a young team, bringing in a seasoned professional can also provide mentoring to help improve their overall skill level.

For example, a Human Resources professional can help you set up and manage employee policies, payroll, benefits, health and safety programs or lead recruiting when you need additional staff.

A professional marketer can help your sales team close more deals by creating product literature, advertising or new product development.  This can allow you to keep your sales team in the field for maximum productivity.

Specialists in Information Technology can help ensure your ERP is running properly or work with you to develop new functions to reduce cost or move products to customers more efficiently.

There are several different models available to bring interim executives on board.  Let us help you find the right model and the right person.

Associates are pre-qualified.  No need for background or reference checks.  We take care of that for you.

Administration is easy.  We take care of payroll management and onboarding.

To see what types of associates we have available, look at a listing of the interim executives we have on our Featured Interim Executives page on our site. This page changes regularly, so check back often as associates come off assignments.