Engaged Executive Search

Engaged Search is the highest level of service we offer our clients, and the one we believe provides the best results in terms of employee retention and tangible results for our clients.

Headhunter, Recruiter, RetainedThis is the process to use when you have a challenging role to fill or when you are seeking a senior executive.

By formally engaging us, you automatically become a priority client for us, with access to all our resources to execute the search. Engaged Search is similar to retained search, but we have more flexibility in how we structure the engagement and fees than typical retained-search firms.  This allows us to better fit the process to your budget and cash-flow constraints.

You save time for you and your staff by only dealing with a single recruiter. You won’t have to spend time with multiple recruiters briefing each of them on your requirements.  And you won’t be dealing with a junior person: you’ll be dealing with a partner.

Being a retained-model recruiter usually means we can attract higher caliber candidates for you because some of the best candidates just don’t want to deal with contingency recruiters.

Because they’re good at what they do, the best candidates are also probably already employed.  But we really need to know your business to be able to sell these candidates on moving to your company.

When you engage HIRE GRAY MATTER, you get more than just a company that finds people to fit in chairs, you get a firm with consulting experience and we become a member of and an advisor to your management team.

If you’ve tried searching for candidates through job boards and newspaper or magazine advertisements without success, it may be time to consider a more proactive approach.  The best candidates know that advertised jobs represent only a small fraction of total jobs available, so they aren’t looking for leads through these channels.

Our process starts out by working with you to define the job role you need to fill and to develop the specifications for high-caliber candidates.

We search through our roster of associates as well as other sources to identify quality candidates for presentation to you.  You won’t just get a set of resumes: we’ll provide you a written report giving an overview on each candidate we recommend and why we’re recommending them.

You may be thinking that, because of our name, we’ll only be referring candidates who are older.  You’ll actually find we present candidates of all ages.  Our guiding principle is that experience and skills – not age – are the primary criteria for determining who we present to you.

We help guide you through the interview process to making the final offer.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Our QUICKSTART 91™ onboarding process helps ensure your new hire can contribute quickly so you can realize a payback on your investment. It also develops a stronger sense of employee engagement that results in long-term employee retention.  Over 60% of the candidates we’ve placed are still with the employers who engaged our services.

For a free no-obligation proposal, please contact us at 416.840.6015 or email us at info@hiregraymatter.com to arrange a meeting.