Contingent Executive Search

Contingency search is our low-risk approach to recruiting more junior positions – positions that usually are quick to fill.

Contingency search | Headhunter | RecruitingYou pay only when we provide you a candidate you hire.

You’ll still get a report from us on the candidates we recommend.  You’ll still get access to our QUICKSTART 91 onboarding process.  We believe those are important parts of a good recruiting process.

While it’s possible to recruit senior people via contingency search, the better candidates tend to avoid contingency-based recruiters for fear their resumes will be presented without their knowledge and authorization by unscrupulous recruiting firms.

If yours is a small to mid-sized business, we have a NoNonsense Letter of Agreement we can use to initiate a search on your behalf.  We’ve tried to avoid the legalese found in most agreements and focus more on expressing what we will do for you in plain English.  We want your first experience with us to be a successful one – without unexpected fees and activities. Ask about this today.

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For junior/entry-level positions and administrative staff, our sister company, MetaphorHR,  primarily works on a contingency basis.



If you’d like to arrange a free no-obligation consultation, please call us at 416.840.6015 or email us at