Fractional Executives

You’re a small company or startup, and you’re finding you’re missing some of the skill sets at the leadership level that you need to move your company forward.

If you hire someone with those skill sets, you find the compensation you need to offer such a person is more than you can afford.  So you take a pass on hiring someone and continue to trudge along.

Fractional Executive LeftWhat if you were able to bring on highly developed technical or strategic skills while staying within a range of compensation that’s affordable to you?

That’s exactly what HIRE GRAY MATTER’s Fractional Executive program does.  Here’s how:

First, we’ll work with you to do an initial assessment to identify the skills and experience you need to add to your organization and the amount of time required to fulfill the responsibilities.

Then we’ll introduce you to some candidates from our pre-qualified talent pool who have the kinds of skills and experience you need.  You make the final selection based on how you perceive which candidate would best fit into your organization.

Here’s an example to give you a better idea of how this program can work for you.

Say you’ve identified you need a senior finance person with experience in treasury because, as Fractional Executive Rightyou’ve recently started exporting, you now have to deal with transactions in multiple currencies and need to minimize your risk exposure to fluctuations in exchange rates.  However, those skills are usually only found among VPs or Directors of Finance with larger organizations who earn $200,000 per year, which is beyond your budget.

If the work involved in these specialized functions only requires one day a week, and the rest of your finance staff can handle the balance of transactions and financial reporting, a fractional director of finance could be made available for the equivalent of $40,000, which is much more affordable for you.

In essence, we tailor the job role to fit your needs and your budget. 

The scheduling of the fractional executives time can also be more flexible than “one day per week”. It could, for example, be a morning in the early part of the week and an afternoon towards the end of the week.

Great talent and experience has never been more available, flexible and affordable.  Call us for a free consultation!