Featured Candidates

Following are featured candidates as of September 1, 2015.


Candidate ID MKT18109C

This candidate helps companies leverage the potential of channel marketing to realize significant growth in sales revenue and market share. His marketing experience helps him align sales organization structure and compensation with business unit strategies and goals. 

He can re-vamp your sales organization, but also has experience running entire business units and making them more customer-centric.

Changing channels could help your company realize sales and profit growth. Instead of doing it by remote control, get someone with hands-on experience to make it happen. Let us introduce you.

Candidate ID OPS19302C

This candidate is a senior executive leader with a track record of rebuilding struggling companies by improving operational efficiencies and fostering internal collaboration by breaking down silos and building bridges to implement best practices, instill team alignment and drive out unnecessary costs.

Engineering background brings discipline and process-driven operational improvements, supported by business metrics.  Experienced also in divestiture of underperforming businesses with no strategic fit.  Full P&L responsibilities for North American-wide multi-plant businesses.

Re-focused one sales team from commodity to value-based selling to generate revenue growth of up to $400MM and a 70% increase in EBITDA across 5-plant North American division of multinational company. Operational initiatives typically have yielded cost savings in excess of $1MM/year.

Are internal silos impeding your growth? Let us introduce you to a “business renovator” who can tear down those walls, streamline internal infrastructure and improve internal alignment with company goals.

Candidate ID SLS19378C

This candidate has a consistently strong track in driving sales and profit growth within the chemical industry, dealing with Fortune 500 customers.  Some has come about by recruiting excellent sales personnel, supported by training them in effective problem-solving so they can better help their customers; some has come from market and product focus. His initiatives have reversed declining sales trends, doubling sales and delivering profit growth of as much as 85% over 5 years.

Whether you make or distribute chemicals, you need strong sales leadership to grow your business.  Please contact us TODAY to be introduced to this outstanding candidate.