Featured Talent

In the course of our search activities, we regularly come across high-caliber people who are just not quite the right fit for the assignment we’re working on, but still are outstanding leaders in their respective industries and professions.

We like to help such individuals by helping them market their skills to prospective employers.  This includes listing in our website as well as email and telephone marketing campaigns.

The next two sections are your gateway to either Permanent Talent or Interim Talent.  You can browse the summaries, which will tell you the functional expertise for each candidate or associate and see what makes each one unique.  There are links to more complete profiles, where you can find relevant industry experience, target roles, core competencies and value proposition for each candidate or associate.

For security and privacy reasons, each individual is identified by an alphanumeric code, so there is no personal data or contact information that could be extracted from this website and misused by someone.

If you see someone who has the skills and experience you need for a permanent role, a project or assignment, you’ll also find links to contact us to arrange an introduction.