CANDHR – Our Talent Showcase

As we were founding HIRE GRAY MATTER, we envisaged having something like a dating site where employers could search for great people. We felt that, if employers sought and hired based on skills and talents, there was a greater likelihood of realizing long-term employee satisfaction and retention .

It took us close to a year to get there. We aligned ourselves with a development team, here in Canada, who had the skills and the result is a platform called CANDHR.

Our Talent ShowcaseWhile CANDHR was in development, we marketed candidates directly on the Featured Candidates page in our website, and we’re winding this down as CANDHR gets up and running.

The candidates in our CANDHR Talent Showcase are often candidates who have been interviewed by and on whom we’ve had compliments from our clients.  They’re people we have a high level of confidence in.  Because we’ve already found and vetted them, we can make them available to you at a reduced fee. You get great talent on a very affordable basis and we’ve helped a good candidate find a great home.

To learn more about CANDHR and how it can assist you in talent acquisition, click here.

Check out our current roster of candidates in our Talent Showcase.  To see more detailed profiles you can set up a free CANDHR account.

CANDHR Talent Showcase