CANDHR – Showcase Your Skills

CANDHR is our new candidate Talent Showcase



Unlike most social media and job sites, your CANDHR profile is anonymous to protect your privacy.  Employers will not be able to see your

  • name
  • contact information
  • years of graduation
  • national origin/race
  • names of previous employers


You create your own profile, with the help of your recruiter agent.  You can change your profile any time you like.

Your recruiter agent acts as a filter, to ensure your resume only goes out to employers you approve.

Market Exposure

We understand that it is in your best interests to be open to as broad a scope of job opportunities as possible.  Therefore, you can create up to 3 distinct profiles in CANDHR.  All of them will be searchable.

Among your 3 profiles, one could be for interim or fractional opportunities; one could be for a position comparable to your current role and one could be for a role that’s one step up from where you are now. You could have separate profiles customized to different industries.

Your profile can be found by any recruiter or employer who searches the CANDHR database, just the same as in LinkedIn, Monster and Workopolis. Joining CANDHR does not limit your exposure to job opportunities.

N.B. If you’re currently working, you can opt to prevent your CANDHR profile from being found by your current employer so you won’t put your job at risk while you’re waiting for the right opportunity to come around.


CANDHR is and always will be free to all job seekers

Check it Out

Click on the button below to see a sample profile in CANDHR, as seen by an employer.


CANDHR Sample Profile


Send an email to if you’d like to appear in our talent showcase or learn more.