Markets Served

Our growth, from working in a single industry such as Financial Services to other industries, can be attributed to two factors:

  1. A business process that is proven, not just in a single industry, but  has been successful across a range of industries.
  2. Adding personnel who have hands-on industry experience who bring more than just additional contacts, but also insights that help our clients with staffing issues and more.

Financial Services

Money. World currencies: U.S. dollars, pounds and euros.

This is where our business started out: working with companies in Financial Services.  We’ve placed executives in major banks, insurance companies and asset managers.

As a result, we also gained broad experience in filling positions in a variety of financial functions – Treasury, Tax, Financial Planning & Reporting, Audit, Financial Controls – in roles ranging from Controller up to CFO.







ManufacturingManufacturing industries

Ron Jamieson’s background is in the manufacturing sector – initially in consumer goods, but also in industrial goods manufacturers.  Ron has worked internationally with companies in the aerospace, medical device, packaging, automotive and environmental sectors.

Ron’s engineering background helps him understand the underlying processes in manufacturing, while his international experience in sales and marketing help him help him understand the customer drivers that contribute to business growth.





Open pit mine

Our entry into Mining not only diversified our industry exposure, but also required us to execute searches on a global basis. In this vertical, we’ve had to find specialists for positions such as VP Exploration, and often with multilingual capabilities because our clients’ activities could be anywhere in the world.







Renewable Energyrenewable energy industries

We tend to work with smaller organizations rather than large ones, which means we often could be working with startups or nascent companies.

This is typical of renewable energy companies in solar, wind and geothermal.

We help find the visionaries who can design the product concept, who have expertise in selling the technology or financial management