Monthly Archives: June 2015

Our Talent Marketplace is now Live

Last Friday, after much anticipation, our new Talent Marketplace, CANDHR, finally went live.

CANDHR Talent Marketplace

Candidate Profile View

We have been working in partnership with the developers of CANDHR, a new candidate marketing platform for nearly a year, and HIRE GRAY MATTER is the lead recruiter on CANDHR. 

When we founded HIRE GRAY MATTER, we had a vision of a candidate marketing platform whereby employers could search for people with specific skills and experience.  We wanted it to be anonymous, so selection of candidates would be driven more by skills and experience than by age, gender or national origin.  The people from CANDHR provided the technical skills we lacked and now, after much hard work developing and de-bugging, the candidate marketing platform is live.

The platform is still officially in beta mode until we release it to employers.  However, in the meantime, candidates are welcome to join CANDHR and develop their professional profiles to post on the platform. We sent out invitations to join CANDHR last Friday to a select group of professionals, and we are starting to see new users already.

At this point, to join CANDHR, you need an invitation from HIRE GRAY MATTER.  When you activate the invitation, you’ll be asked to enter your name and email address, after which you will receive an email from CANDHR with an activation link that will allow you to complete your profile.

Candidates can have up to 3 resumes on CANDHR – perfect for those who may be switching career paths  or industries or who want to have profiles for both permanent and interim work.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showing you some of the features of CANDHR and how you can use them to find that next opportunity.

Our goal is to make CANDHR a valuable marketing tool to help job seekers find their next opportunity faster than before. So we also invite CANDHR users to tell us what they’d like to see in the platform or how we can improve the user experience.  The best way to do so is by joining CANDHR, so we invite you to join CANDHR today!

New Website Design

We’re in the process of updating our website design and you should be seeing the new design in our home page.

Our goal in this project was to make the site easier to use and navigate, and we hope you’ll find it so.

The main photo on our home page appealed to us because it seemed to evoke a more contemporary approach to executive recruiting. Below that, we have four areas that depict the range of services we offer.  In the lower right, you’ll find our blog roll. The new format for our blog roll will have an image and a snippet of text from the post, so it won’t just seem like a random collection of words.

On our home page, you’ll see the lower left quadrant is empty for now. This space will be the home of our new Talent Marketplace, which we hope to have live within the next 10 days.

The Talent Marketplace will be a mini-site whereby employers can search for potential candidates with specific skills and/or experience.  Job Seekers will be able to write and post their own profiles by setting up a free account with us.

We think it will speed up the process of bringing employers and candidates together, thereby shortening the recruiting process.

Our plan is to change the layouts of the pages to have more white space, images and more readable copy, and this will be done shortly.


Stay tuned!  We hope you find this a change for the better.