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    Monthly Archives: April 2015

    Common Ground

    Words can be very powerful.  Sometimes they can be beautiful.

    So, this week we’re going to give you some words to contemplate and present them in a way we hope you will find beautiful.

    I got to thinking about the word, “common” and I thought of the number of words that share roots with the word “common”.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the English word “common” is derived from the Latin noun “communis”, which means “public, democratic, of or for the community.”

    There also is a Latin verb, “communire”, which means “to fortify, entrench, barricade,  strengthen, secure, or reinforce.”  What I see in this word is the notion that together we are more than the sum of us as individuals.

    A community requires commitment from its members to thrive.  Communication helps us work together effectively. Commerce is the engine that enables the members of the community to gain wealth. In the church, communion is a ritual to celebrate a shared system of beliefs.

    For the most part, words that start with the root, “comm..” have positive associations, so we thought we’d share a few of these with you and hope it helps transform your outlook into a more positive one.

    Common Ground



    And feel free to share your favorite “comm..” word via comments.

    What younger workers really think of older co-workers

    One issue we hear discussed in the media is how different generations behave with each other in the workplace.

    Mostly, what I’ve read has focused on the negative reactions the generations have towards each other.

    Older co-workersI thought that, as opposed to citing scholarly studies, I’d try to go as directly as possible to the source, and so I tried researching in Twitter what was being said by real people in real time about their older co-workers.

    I expected to find many negative comments but, instead, found something very different.

    So, here below, are 12 real tweets by real people in their own words (and in 140 characters or less) about their older co-workers:

     Corey Robb ‏@CoreyRobb8  Apr 7, 2015

    I love just having older co workers because they give me the best advice about anything

    Eiffel Tower❤ ‏@Lady_Littlejohn  Apr 6, 2015

    My older co-workers really preached to me tonight, but definitely put things into perspective.

    Tori ‏@HisANTicipation  Mar 10, 2015

    I love da fact everybody older than me , co-workers , managers an some strangers see my potential an tell me how bright of a future I have

    ☀VICTORY☀ ‏@DatNicety90ACE  20 Nov, 2012

    My first meeting of the day is helping one of my older co-workers set up a Facebook page to communicate w/ our intern alumni!

    Caleb Fong ‏@geekosupremo  1 Nov 2012

    Just showed one of my older and non US-born co-workers how to use amazon. I forget sometimes that this stuff is kinda new.

    Mark. ‏@TweetItOrBeatIt  29 Oct 2012

    I hate when my co-workers talk crap about my other older co-worker. It makes me sick but I can’t say anything..

    Tamraa ‏@tambeeniee  28 Oct 2012Wichita, KS

    I love having older co-workers , they tell you how they got through tough times without sounding holier than thou

    Amanda Taub ‏@amandahstaub  4 Oct 2012Portland, OR

    How do we preserve the info of our older co-workers before they retire & that info is lost?

    11.17.2012 ‏@Mzz_Proper21  19 Sep 2012

    So grateful for the wisdom of my older co-workers. They really know how to put things in perspective.

    Jackie Flecker ‏@jackieflecker  10 Aug 2012

    I love conversing with my co workers because they are a lot older then me and their outlook on the world seriously fascinates me

    Ashleigh ‏@ashjacquelyn  29 May 2012

    One of the most humbling/flattering things: older former co-workers asking to use you as a reference. Respect speaks volumes.

    Nick Deal ‏@nickmdeal  Apr 2, 2012

    @oneNovaScotia “There’s an opportunity for ‘reverse-mentoring’ that transfers technical know-how to older employees within an organization.”